Providing Actionable Intelligence

A complement to your existing Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) infrastructure, SOLVE – the Simple OnLine Visualization Engine is a data visualization, reporting, analytics and tuning platform that connects directly to your SEP environments.

How can security administrators quickly and thoroughly evaluate the state of their protection posture and prioritize where to focus remediation without knowing what devices and tools exist in their environment?

SOLVE – the Simple OnLine Visualization Engine provides comprehensive real-time visibility across the environment to identify and inventory all known and unknown endpoints, giving you the actionable intelligence you need to improve your security posture.

Visualize. Analyze. Prioritize.

SOLVE provides information about SEP infrastructure(s) in user-friendly web dashboards with an array of pre-defined content. SOLVE provides access to any dataset in the SEP database, allowing for unrivaled visualization of SEP data with drill down capabilities from key baselines and metrics in real time.

SOLVE is easy to configure, fast to implement and friendly to all users. It connects directly to your security products, digests and analyzes all the data in your environment.

One view of the world

SOLVE is unique in its ability to report because it connects directly to your existing security product databases eliminating the need to copy data and install new hardware.

With SOLVE for SEP, you can tailor your window into your SEP environment to determine very quickly what is working and what needs your immediate attention. SOLVE enables detailed views of full event data when and where it is needed most – all within a single interface.

Actionable data

SOLVE for SEP executes detailed drill-downs, allowing you to perform comprehensive investigations into events and areas of interest in seconds.

SOLVE provides you with a multi-dimensional view of the most relevant data at all times so you have the actionable intelligence you need to stop threats lurking in your environment and strengthen your security posture.

Watch as it happens

From identifying which machines are being attacked to exposing an outbreak in your systems, SOLVE gives you the real-time, crucial visibility you need to detect malicious activity in your environment.

Additionally, the highly customizable interface allows administrators to tailor the view and presentation of the data to best suit their needs and quickly zero in on areas of interest.

Performance is everything – SOLVE for SEP Key Features:

  • Baselines, KPI’s and metrics are at your fingertips with SOLVE so you can delve into what the data is telling you in real-time
  • Instantly report numerous SEP environments WITHOUT waiting for database replication
  • See configuration data and threat data on the same dashboard
  • Create dashboards with limitless drill-downs to slice and present data to your liking
  • Universal aggregation of all SEP data sources
  • Multi-level report field customization
  • Context-relative drill-down capability
  • Interactive visualization

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