Provides the visibility you need to track and reduce risk.
Know what you’re protecting​​.

You can’t secure what you can’t see

By leveraging data that already exists in the security and enterprise tools deployed in your environment, NorthStar provides the crucial visibility you need to quantify the scope of what is being protected and the exposures that represent the greatest risk to your business – all in a single pane of glass.

See your complete data clearly

NorthStar produces reliable and actionable security intelligence through interactive and configurable dashboards. With the flexibility for globalized and localized views, as well as granular, role-based access controls, NorthStar automatically keeps track of what’s changed over time and gives you the ability to drill down to the specific action items, even if you’re starting from a summary view.

Added accuracy WITHOUT adding agents.

We can ensure your data is comprehensive and accurate — without deploying any agents. How? NorthStar inherently assumes your data will be ‘dirty’, untrusted, and/or incomplete. Through our automated process, NorthStar ‘cleans’ the data by scoring and analyzing the quality of the information gathered ensuring only the most accurate data is presented. NorthStar applies your business rules to ensure results reflect the environment and security posture in easy-to-configure dashboards — the way YOU want to see it.

What makes NorthStar better?

NorthStar implements true continuous auditing and monitoring by providing near real-time and historical tracking of what things are — the state —  as opposed to what they are doing —  the activity.

Northstar IT Asset Tracking

Collects asset information and ranks the accuracy of each source.

Generates SuperLists that provide an accurate and comprehensive view of EVERY asset

Delivers invaluable information about missing security tools to help you prepare for risk-based PCI or HIPAA

Northstar Exposure Tracking

Expands beyond the Asset SuperLists to create a comprehensive and accurate list of all vulnerabilities, missing patches, and misconfigurations across your entire environment

Prioritizes response and improves time to remediation

Northstar Privilege Tracking

Attain the ability to quantify the risk generated by excessive or misplaced privileges with seamless tracking of:

  • Employees and their associated user accounts
  • Where those accounts have privileged access
  • What applications they are associated with

How does it work?

Aggregating data from disparate and sometimes “messy” sources can be a real challenge. NorthStar’s automated process alleviates time-consuming manual efforts to compile information for assets, exposures, and privileges across your environment.

Pulls data from variety of sources (asset, directory, business application, user/person, IT threat/risk tools)

Creates intelligent SuperLists to give you a comprehensive view of your asset environment

Ensures your tools are installed where they should and configured properly

Presents responsive and robust visualizations of your data in a single pane

The NorthStar platform supports self-service with automated report delivery and even tracks changes in the data over time for trending analysis. RESULT: NorthStar provides continuous, automated visibility into your assets, exposures and privileges so you can decisively KNOW WHAT YOU’RE PROTECTING


See your data differently now!