Server Security Certification

Using the Conventus Analytics and Reporting Platform, developed by our security and performance experts, we provide the metrics and remediation expertise to continual certify that your critical servers and systems are secure, compliant and operating within acceptable risk boundaries. Conventus works with you to establish key baseline security metrics for servers depending on their functional and criticality to business. Typical metrics uncover information that shows if servers are:

  • Actively being managed and reporting in
  • Running operating systems that are secure or hardened
  • Experiencing “configuration drift” based on the applications installed on them
  • Exposed to five or more vulnerabilities
  • Generating too many security incidents

By continually monitoring metrics such as these, we can determine if your servers are operating within acceptable risk boundaries and certify them as secure and compliant. If metrics exceed these baselines, we provide recommendations and help you take the most appropriate steps to bring them back into compliance with your core security and compliance goals.

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