Outsourced Performance Management

To get the maximum value and performance from security tools, businesses need two major components:

  • a single asset- and business-centric view of critical business systems and platforms, and
  • understanding of the IT/security posture of the entire enterprise and the responsibilities of security engineering, audit, compliance and risk managers.

Cost effective option

When either of these elements is lacking, prioritizing and executing remediation can be a fatally flawed process. The more efficient and cost-effective way to implement and manage these vital components is to outsource the performance management of your security tools and systems to Conventus. Using the Conventus Analytics and Reporting Platform, we integrate log data and other data from your security tools into a common database and monitor the performance of all systems via your private cloud or on-site.

Conventus Outsourced Performance Management

  • Identifies the key metrics for security tools that and track their performance.
  • Establishes baseline performance goals for your most critical systems and servers.
  • Improves the percentage of servers that are managed and achieve nearly 100-percent visibility into their business functions.
  • Improves visibility into individual and groups that have privileged access to servers.
  • Moves servers from compliant to truly secure, based on the CIS or NIST security standards.
  • Reduces vulnerability on your tier one services by as much as 50%
  • Tracks your security controls coverage.

Managing and reporting on your specific metrics

Metrics are key to optimizing the performance of your security tools. We make sure you have the right metrics to monitor your critical business assets. We establish a baseline for tracking the performance of these assets. Over time daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly we compare our metrics with actual performance and report back to you with a management dashboard accessed via a secure portal. You see the trends in your risk management efficiency and changing vulnerabilities. The dashboard reports provides the information you need to take the appropriate steps to keep your enterprise secure and compliant.

  • Ensure your remediation efforts are focused on your top ten percent most critical assets and increase incident management efficiency.
  • Improve risk management, threat management, and vulnerability management.
  • Expand compliance and audit management, user access and privilege management.
  • Automate reporting for internal audit and GRC groups.
  • Continue to enhance your business continuity plan.

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