Know What You Are Protecting With NorthStar

With today’s continually evolving threat landscape it is absolutely imperative for security decision makers to have a strong handle on their corporate data.


Do you know where all of your IT assets are?                                 What do they mean to your business?

Is the data complete and can you trust it?                                       How do you visualize IT risk?


The NorthStar Solution

The most common problem NorthStar solves is lack of visibility into the environment you are protecting. NorthStar provides visibility into all of the targets in your environment, (think servers, computers, login IDs), all of the exposures (missing patches, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities) and all of the user privileges and entitlements across your infrastructure. We can ensure your data is comprehensive and accurate without deploying any agents, because we are leveraging data that already exists in the security and enterprise tools deployed in your environment – maximizing the ROI for each of your existing tools.

NorthStar goes beyond the competition by providing dashboards, reports, and visualizations that will empower you to make informed decisions from your data.


NorthStar Products

NorthStar IT Asset Tracking:  Collects asset information from a variety of data sources and ranks the accuracy of each source based on confidence and aging. That information is then pulled into SuperLists, providing an accurate and comprehensive view of every IT asset— inherently telling you where you are missing security tools and proving invaluable when determining your next steps or preparing for risk-based PCI or HIPAA compliance audits.

NorthStar Exposure Tracking: Building upon the Asset Superlist foundation, NorthStar’s Vulnerability Tracking creates a comprehensive, and accurate list of all vulnerabilities, missing patches, and misconfigurations across your entire environment allowing you to focus on remediation.

Northstar Privilege Tracking: Track people and their associated user accounts, where those accounts have privileged access, and what applications they are associated with. NorthStar Privilege Tracking gives you the ability to quantify the risk generated by excessive or misplaced privileges.


How It Works

Aggregating data from disparate and sometimes “messy” sources can be a real challenge. This time-consuming and painful process typically involves manually massaging the data, hopping from console to console, exporting spreadsheets, creating pivot tables, and frequently yields questionable results. However, NorthStar relieves that burden and complexity.

By consuming Asset, Directory, Business, Application, User/Person, IT Threat and Risk data from many sources, NorthStar brings your data into intelligent Superlists that give you a comprehensive view of IT environment. With the data properly collected and normalized, NorthStar presents responsive and robust visualizations of that data and even tracks changes to that data over time for trending analysis.

After reconciling your assets across your existing tools, NorthStar ensures your tools are installed where they should be installed, configured properly, and even identifies where tools should be installed, but are missing.

With the continuous and automated visibility NorthStar provides into the assets, exposures and privileges across your environment, you can prioritize action and improve your time to remediation.